Dog Behaviour & Training

Anya Hunt

Anya is the co-owner of MK Dog Behaviour and Training, She first entered the world of dog training when she met Dan, after coming to watch a few of his classes she quickly fell in love with the way dogs learn. She had her own dog which she would train herself prior to meeting Dan and was very knowledgeable straight away.

After a short period of time Anya started going with Dan on visits and helping with his rescue work and quickly started to assess dogs and spot behaviour issues before most of the other people present. Her attention to the small details in a dogs body language made her an invaluable asset when it came to assisting people with training.

She furthered her knowledge by studying and attaining a Canine Behaviour Diploma and now applies this alongside her experience with helping people with their training needs, as well as assessing dogs in rescue.

In her personal life Anya was an avid swimmer, competing as a teenager. She enjoys reading and loves anything Disney and Harry Potter!

Anya is the person that works in the following areas:

Puppy Consultations

One to One Sessions

Group Classes

Pet Care

Rescue Assessments