Dog Behaviour & Training

Dan Callaghan BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Dan is the founder and co-owner of MK Dog Behaviour and Training.

He started his career in the world of dogs after rescuing a dog in 2005 which came with a list of behaviour problems. Not knowing how to deal with these problems he contacted a local dog trainer who helped him overcome these, however in the process Dan fell in love with the way his dog learned and seeing the progress his dog was making he wanted to continue the training. As he enrolled in some classes, the trainer offered him a volunteer job helping out at their school, Dan was soon helping new clients in basic training and accompanying the senior trainer on house calls etc.

After a few years of this he started taking his own training classes and feeling he could do more, studied and gained a Canine Behaviour Diploma before furthering this into an Advanced Canine Behaviour Accredited Qualification and starting his own business (ah la MKDBT).

Dan quickly gained a great reputation through his private and rescue work and that reputation continues to this day.

In Dan's personal life he lives with Anya and their daughter Lacey with their 3 dogs, his spare time is normally spent working with rescue dogs and is rarely spotted doing nothing. He likes Rugby and used to play this when he was younger, he is also trained in various martial arts and self defence practices. He also is a bit of a film buff and enjoys watching as many as he can fit in to his busy schedule.

Dan is the person who works in the following areas:

Behaviour Consultations

Puppy Consultations

One to one sessions

Group classes


Pet Care

Rehab and Recovery


Rescue Assessments