Dog Behaviour & Training

Our Mission

"No dog was asked to be born but they are here. We have been letting man's best friend down for too long and this needs to change" - Dan Callaghan

We have a goal, an important one that will save lives and also create hope.

We are raising funds for us to open the UK's first rehabilitation centre that can be utilised by rescue centres FOR FREE.

When a dog arrives at a rescue and they have behaviour problems that will either result in them never finding a home or being put to sleep, We want to be able to offer that dog a place with us so that we can work on the issue at hand. We will save dogs lives and get them ready to be in a loving home. This will cost the rescue nothing at all, saving much needed funds for the great work that they do.

We also understand that the dog's previous owners may have had to release their dog in to care through no fault of their own, but are petrified because their best friend has a behaviour that may get them killed..... WE WANT TO BE THAT SAVING GRACE.

So what is our plan? We want to buy a ready to go centre with kennels, we will offer sanctuary to dogs, we will create jobs in the local area as we expand and above all else... we will save lives.

Would you like to help us? Please donate to our Go Fund Me in the link below. 

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