Dog Behaviour & Training

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Behaviour Consultation

Does your dog react aggressively?

Are they scared of their own shadow?

Or do you simply have a list of things you would like to work on?

Our Behaviour Consultation might be for you.


Puppy Consultation

Is your puppy chewing your furniture?

Are they keeping you up at night?

Are they not house trained?

Or do you simply want to get your puppy on the right start?

Our Puppy Consultation might be for you.


One to One Sessions

Does your dog pull on he lead?

Do they have a poor recall?

Are they jumping up on your kitchen sides?

Or would you like to work on simply getting their attention?

Our One to One Sessions might be for you?


Group Classes

Would you like to learn some fun and mentally stimulating exercises fir your dog?

Want to brush up on some basic skills?

Or do you just want something to do on the weekend?

Our Group Classes might be for you.



Do you own a security dog and want to fine tune them?

How about a personal protection dog that needs more control?

Do you need a security dog handler?

Check out or security section for your options.


Pet Care

Do you need your dog walked?

Are you going on holiday but don't want to be put them in a kennel?

Or do you just need someone to let them out and have a play while you are at work?

Check out our Pet Care options.


Rehab & Recovery

Does your dog have an issue that you simply cannot overcome despite having previous trainers help?

Have they been victim to a traumatic experience and are now a shadow of their former selves?

Or do you have a problem that you feel would be difficult for you to fix?

Our Rehab & Recovery might be for you.



Do you run a rescue and want to raise funds?

Do you have a group of people interested in learning about dog behaviour?

Or do you live in another country and want to gather like minded individuals to share the cost?

Our tailored and fixed seminars might be for you.