Dog Behaviour & Training

Rehab and Recovery

Is your dog showing behaviours that you simply cannot seem to change? Are they aggressive? Fearful? Or do they resource guard?

Is their Recall incredibly bad and no matter how hard you have tried nothing seems to work?

Has your dog been attacked? Or run over? Now they have severe anxiety and PTSD?

Our Rehab & Recovery may be able to help.

Your dog will stay at kennels and will be worked with daily to overcome their issues for as long as you need or want them to. We will use ground breaking techniques and science to help make your dog happier, you happier and fix the bond between you.

Your dog will be trained a minimum of two sessions per day, they will be walked, fed, kennel cleaned and have someone on site 24 hours a day.

Price - £400 per week*

*minimum stay of 2 weeks